Important Pool Fence Regulations for Pool fence inspections in Brisbane QLD.

Pool Fence Regulations in QLD Pool owners in Queensland are required to adhere to the Pool Fence Regulations in QLD. These regulations stipulate that pool barriers must meet minimum safety standards. These regulations are designed to reduce the risk of drowning or serious injuries in children. Total Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane can help you comply with Pool Fence Regulations in QLD.

How To Know If Your Pool Fence Is Compliant With Pool Safety Standards

Pool owners with properties that have swimming pools should ensure that their pools are compliant with the Pool Fence Regulations in QLD. This covers areas like non-climbable zones (NCZ), strength and height of pool barriers, access to pools areas, and gates and latching specifications.

An inspector who is qualified in pool safety can assist you with an assessment of your pool to determine if it meets the Pool Fence Regulations in Queensland.

Pool Fencing Guidelines.

These are the guidelines as set forth by the pool safety standard and references to pool areas.

  • * The minimum distance between the ground and the top of the pool barrier should not exceed 1200mm.
  • * Maximum distance allowed by the swimming pool fence regulations between the bottom of any barrier and the ground level is 100mm
  • * Horizontal rails must be 900mm apart at minimum. Vertical gaps should not exceed 100mm. The vertical rail gaps must not be greater than 10 mm if horizontal rails are less than 900mm apart.
  • * Any fence less than 1800mm high must comply with the Pool Fence Regulations in QLD. Climbable objects should be kept at least 900mm from the pool barrier.

Regulations for Gates Pool Fences in QLD

Your pool area's gates must comply with the safety standard.

  • * Pool Fence Regulations in QLD state that pool gates must be self-closing and not open towards the pool area.
  • * All latches on the gate should not be lower than 1500mm above the ground and at least 1400mm above the topmost portion of the lowest horizontal railings.
  • * The minimum distance between pool gate hinges must be 900 mm.

Doors and Windows

According to the Pool Fence Regulations in QLD, no door should allow access from the property housing the swimming pool or any other building directly to the pool area. A security screen must be installed on windows that open onto the pool area.

CPR Signage

Your inspector will inspect your signs for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), to ensure they comply with the Pool Fence Regulations. Your signs must be 300 mm x 300 mm minimum. They must be weatherproof and durable and clearly show what to do in an emergency.

Non-compliance: Government Fines

Queensland's government has given local governments the authority to inspect pools for compliance with safety standards. If non-compliance can be verified, the pool owner should be fined. Individuals and businesses can be fined upto $824.60, and $2,356 respectively. The court can issue penalties up to $19,437. You can also be fined up to $706.80 for businesses and $235 for individuals for a pool failure.

Important Information About Pool Fence Regulations In QLD

A pool safety inspector is required if you own a property with a pool, shared or not. They are licensed by Queensland Building and Construction Commission to inspect and verify compliance with Pool Fence Regulations in QLD.

If your swimming pool is compliant, you'll be issued with a Form 23. This is the pool safety certificate. If your swimming pool is found to be non-compliant, you will receive a Form 23, the pool safety certificate. This form indicates that the safety standard has been violated and what you can do to fix it. You must correct the problem within three months and call for a re-inspection.

You will need to provide the safety certificate in order to sell, lease, or enter into an accommodation agreement with respect to your property. Failure to do so could result in you losing potential customers. It is important to arrange for your pool to meet the Pool Fence Regulations in QLD by visiting

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